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Sasa Sestic - The Coffee Man Book

To Jonette Wilton and the team from Smudge Eats, thank you so much for bringing to life ‘The Coffee Man’ book. I remember just after I won the World Barista Championships back in 2015, I spoke to Jonette and I said that I would like to write a book about coffee. She said that she will help me publish it and guide me to make this happen. Back then, I had no idea what this amazing woman would go through to help me to achieve this dream. Jonette actually played a major part in helping Roland, Jeff and me with the sponsorship for The Coffee Man movie. We had no idea how to approach sponsorship and what to do, but Jonette always managed to find time to guide us in the right direction.

This took so much of her time and money, as she flew across Australia to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne for meetings just to help us to raise enough funds to make this movie. On top of that, she always found time to call me or send me a quick e-mail just to make sure I am up to date with writing. I was always late with writing and if this was anyone else they would probably give up on me. No matter how late I was with the book and how bad my writing was, she was always encouraging and tried to do anything she could to make sure I was on the right track. Jonette, you are a truly amazing person and it is a privilege for all of us in the coffee industry to have your support. I am so privileged to know you personally and to have such an amazing friend. Team Smudge - on behalf of the ONA Coffee, the Project Origin teams, and my family, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. I am so looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Paul Raynor - The Baths Cookbook

Hi Dani - we have one big problem - you have made a grown man cry. The book is absolutely beautiful!

We have done a video with Paul explaining the process of creating his book with Smudge. To watch this, go to Smudge Eats - You tube channel and click on “The Baths Middle Brighton Testimonial”.

Marisa Di Lisio - Bella Cosi Cookbook

To Jonette, Dani and Katie. Thank you all so much for believing in me and helping me make my dream come to fruition in this book. It has been an amazing journey and I could not have done this without your professionalism and teamwork. I wish you many more years of success. Thank you from my heart.

Jessica Moussi - Specialty Coffee Book

Thank you so much for your really wonderful customer service and working
with us back and forth until we were really happy. It is a level of service not often experienced but we really appreciate your style and how well you looked after us. Good luck with the rest of the project and hopefully see you soon!

Lara Pipeclay Pumphouse - Flavours of South Australia Book

Congratulations on getting the book out. Amazing effort to all the team. We are over the moon with the quality, styling and our 4 page spread has really encapsulated exactly what Pipeclay Pumphouse is about.

Lorenza Maiolo - Emporium Melbourne - Flavours of Melbourne Book

We’ve also received delivery of our coffee table books – they are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on such a lovely publication – we look forward to gifting these at Christmas.

Sheralee Davis, Wine Tasmania - Flavours of Tasmania Book

I just wanted to say a big well done - the book looks fantastic and I greatly appreciate you sending me a copy. The professionalism, beautiful design and images, the breadth of producers / businesses coverage, tasty recipes and more all make for a wonderful publication and perhaps the best one I've seen covering Tasmania. I'm sure you'll have a lot of interest in the book, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, as it would be a great gift.

Photographed at Mark Tuckey

Photographed at Mark Tuckey


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