Melbourne’s Pre-Eminent Culinary and Travel Book Publishing House

Smudge Publishing was created as the brainchild of our Editor-in-Chief, Jonette Wilton, and her two inspirational daughters, Daniele and Kaitlyn. As dedicated publishers, ethos is based on the idea of collecting all the wonders the culinary world has to offer and creating stylish, vibrant literature.

As Melbourne’s exclusive culinary travel book publisher, we believe in harvesting the fine food, wine and gastronomical talent available in our city, throughout Australia and the world. Our collection of inspiring culinary tourism books speak for themselves, with the delicious eats of the likes of Flavours of Melbourne, Flavours of Sydney, Flavours of Bali and Flavours of Hong Kong just a portion of the tantalising texts that make up the Smudge Publishing collection. The other well-known series is The Specialty Coffee books, in which the publishers have highlighted Melbourne and Sydney covering over 500 specialty coffee cafes and roasters. 

Introducing Our Online Foodie Guide Smudge Eats

As one of Melbourne’s top publishing companies with a specific love for the world of food, it is only natural that the team at Smudge Publishing created our own online foodie guide. Smudge Eats, a food lover’s bible for all things appetising, enticing and scrumptious, was born out of our ongoing love for finding new taste sensations in cities throughout Australia and the world.

At Smudge Eats you will find all you need for tastebud temptation in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide as well as Bali and Hong Kong. You will find the hottest new café, bar and restaurant openings for each of these wonderful scenes of sustenance.        

Our Dedication to Excellence in Culinary Literature

At Smudge Publishing, we are committed to sourcing the highest standard of literature for publishing, and we want to hear from you! If you believe you have that next big idea, the one that has that unique charm and ability to captivate the audience, get in touch with our team. We can chat about your idea over a coffee and if we think it suits the Smudge Publishing plan of action – we’ll go for it!

Naturally, as end-to-end publishing houses do, we can take care of the whole process for you, from strategy to development, production and delivery. You can choose to do the writing (after all, it is your book!) or have our editorial team create a narrative that you and the ready will be inspired by. At the end of development, you will be the creator of a beautiful culinary tourism book with the help of Smudge Publishing.

Simply email and one of our publishers get back to you with all the information you require.