We are Smudge Publishing

With our finger on the pulse with all things food, we create culinary travel guides and recipe books.
We also produce bespoke books for anyone with a story to tell or a recipe to create.

Who are we

Smudge Publishing

What do we do

We create print media


We dream of books. 

Have an outstanding idea that you would love to share with the world of foodies?
The team at Smudge Publishing is all ears when it comes to developing new ideas into vibrant culinary literature, and we can help you do just that. We provide a custom book printing and binding service that will get your grand idea into soft or hardcover format. We take care of the whole process, with the outcome being an elegant, sensory guide detailing what began as your amazing idea.


Have coffee with us. 

Chief coffee drinker: Katie Wilton
Catch her on: (03) 9525 1112
Email her at: katie@smudgepub.com.au
What does she do: Creative director at Smudge Publishing, Smudge Creative & Smudge Eats. 
What does she love: Making books come true.