Latest release: Flavours of Hong Kong

The result is an exciting mix of east-meets-west flavours, showcasing everything that makes Hong Kong unique on the international culinary stage, and being the first design and photography-driven book of its kind to present Hong Kong’s food identity to the world.


Flavours of Hong Kong


124 restaurants, cafes & bars & their signature recipes


“Flavours of Hong Kong” is the season’s best gift for everyone from photo-obsessed foodies to humble home cooks. Readers will find themselves lost in the engaging narratives which detail the intriguing stories, journeys and backgrounds behind Hong Kong’s favourite kitchens and chefs. Delightfully written, thoughtfully curated and beautifully photographed, Flavours of Hong Kong is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for Hong Kong’s vast food scene — no reservations needed.

 Potato Head, Hong Kong. 

Potato Head, Hong Kong. 


Editor in chief: Jonette George
Author: Leslie Yeh
Art Direction & Design: Ilona Samcewicz-Parham
Photography: Kevin Li, Jonathan & Inga Beckmann
Illustration: Pearl Law