Where ideas come to life.

The feel of the paper. Your hard work in hard copy.

We’ll be there with you throughout the entire project. From first thought to first reading. Making the entire process as smooth as possible. There will be one-on-many meetings, liaising with suppliers, and inspirational pep talks to keep you motivated (food included). And when it feels like it’s all getting away from you, we promise to keep you on track.

Because we love books. And we can’t wait to read yours.



Fuelled by coffee and new ideas. And we love the things we write about. That’s what makes us good. 

With 9 years of experience, and over 40 for our Editor-in-Chief, our team comprises of versatile copywriters, editors, and proof readers, all working on the same goal of bringing your idea to paper. 

When it comes to your copy, we take a very personalised approach to finding your tone of voice, personality, and values, prior to putting pen to paper. It’s a collaborative effort, before the editing team comes in and proofs prior to going to print.

If you’re writing from the kitchen, we can provide recipe creation services as well as recipe tasting and editing for your cook book.

A custom marketing pack can also be curated to accompany your book, with copy to use throughout your marketing channels and social media platforms.



Design that compliments.

Award winning. Direction. Team. Tailored to create a uniquely you, book.

Starting with a scoping session, we head in two directions, before coming back to one. Your one. The result: A style guide for your project.

Once this is all done, we start production on your book. You’ll receive a printout sample for review to make any final changes. You can complete up to three revisions as needed, each time a new sample is printed, to see and feel it in real life. Working with illustrators and artists from all around the world adds that little extra magic to your finished book.



Details. Little things. Magic.

The power of good photography is just that. Powerful.

Documentary style, portraiture, food styling and photography, photography campaigns, product photography. Image editing & pre-press.

Photography. You’ll see


If you think we might be a great fit, email our Custom Publishing expert, Katie at: