Have you ever dreamt of publishing your own book?
Well now you can...

Bespoke publishing

Have an outstanding idea that you would love to share with the world?
The team at Smudge Publishing is all ears when it comes to developing new ideas into vibrant culinary literature, and we can help you do just that. We provide a bespoke book service that will get your grand idea into soft or hardcover format. We take care of the whole process, with the outcome being an elegant, sensory guide detailing what began as your amazing idea.


project management

To ensure that your draft properly translates to reality on the pages of your book, we will carefully manage your project every step of the way. We will help guide the process through:




Our editorial team is well equipped to work your idea into words and produce a story that people will want to read. Smudge's editorial services include: Writing, structural and copy editing, copy writing, proof reading, recipe editing, recipe creation & recipe development. 



Under the Smudge Creative umbrella, Smudge boasts a team of talented designers that will not only create a beautiful layout for your book, but also design it in a way that uniquely reflects your story. Design services we offer are:
Mood boards for sign-off (typography and layout, colour palette, and imagery).
Draft PDF with custom cover concepts. 
Finalising page design and creating the template, Visual project management (briefing photographers, illustrators and stylists, and running image searches), Font licensing, Obtaining ISBN and barcodes, Preparing files for print, Pre-press.




Alongside our design team, Smudge Creative has a talented team of photographers that are able to creatively shoot your project under your guidance as the client. Our photography team offers:
Visual Campaigns
Recipe shoots
Food styling
Product styling
Stock images from the Smudge Creative collection (plus licensing) 

If you think we might be a great fit, email our Custom Publishing expert, Katie at: katie@smudgepub.com.au